Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Disgraceful statement by A.Q.Khan about Ahmadis

by Salman Hameed

Another low for A.Q. Khan - the "father of Pakistan's nuclear program". Fresh from endorsing the miraculous "water-kit" (see his statement more clearly here), he has now casually insulted the persecuted sect of Ahmadis. He made his statement while appearing on the television show of the despicable and bigoted host, Amir Liaqat (and yes, I have chosen my adjectives carefully to describe Amir).

Here is what A.Q Khan said (you'll have to forward the clip to 37:00 minutes and then you'll find the words of A.Q Khan's in all their glory):

Here is the statement again, with a translation by Let Us Build Pakistan (tip Khurram Nasser):

Sitting on a throne in Geo TV’s grand Ramzan show set, Dr. Khan said (in Urdu): “Hum Bhopalion ko do cheezon per fakhr hai, aik tau ye ke humaray haan aaj tak koi ghaddaar peda nahin hua, aur humain iss per bhi fakhr hai ke humaray haan aaj tak koi Qadiani peda nahin hua” 
Loose translation: “We, the people of Bhopal origin, are proud of two things: first, Bhopal has never produced a traitor. Second, Bhopal has never produced a Qadiyani”
Qadiyani is a derogatory term used by Sunni Muslims to describe the members of the Ahmadiyya community. And just note the jubilant reaction of the host and the applause of the crowd. This is embarrassing and sad.

Shame on A.Q. Khan.


Anonymous said...

Leaders always born with Vision, Chracter and Noble Example.Proud Pakistanis never expect this kind of Non sence statement from Nucler Hero of Pakistan.

wajid said...

Yeh Dr Qadeer ka lia nahi Balkay Ahmadies kay lia Fakhar ki bat hay Kay koe Ahmadi Qadeer sb ki Famaly main Pada nahi hoa.

Ahmadies Prodused People like Dr A.Salam. Who brought honour to Pakistan Not Discredit or shame Bu sealing and selling Nuke Secrets to Other Country.

Unknown said...

khan words nothing but a disgrace for khan. Ahmadis are GRACEFULL, Gracefull people know. Mullah's dont belong to gracefull world,so they can't say anything which can bring them respect.

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