Monday, July 30, 2012

Checking out Wilco at Mass MoCA

by Salman Hameed

One of my summer pleasures for the past decade has been attending a live performance of the band Wilco. Their music is creative and always evolving into new directions. Plus, they put on amazing live shows. In fact, it is the live performances where you really get a chance to see the production of their sound. I'm planning on seeing them at Mass MoCA tomorrow night (it is a benefit concert for Mass MoCA). In preparation for that, here are a couple of Wilco songs from the last few years:

Theologians (from 2004) - but this is the closest I could get to topic related to science and religion:

And yes, indeed the theologians don't come off too well in the song:

That don't know nothing 
About my soul 
Oh they don't know 

They thin my heart with little things 
And my life with change 
Oh in so many ways 
I find more missing every day 

Just for its music, here is Impossible Germany from a few years ago. It features an outstanding solo by jazz guitarist, Nels Cline:

And here is the kick-ass opening track, The Art of Possible, from the current album, The Whole Love:


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