Sunday, May 27, 2012

Blogging from Turkey: What are the cats and seagulls up to?

by Salman Hameed

Istanbul must be the friendliest place for cats, dogs and seagulls. The street dogs do look like in an existential daze, but still they appear to be calm and friendly. Seagulls are, of course, everywhere - and there is certainly no shortage of food for them. But cats really rule the city. They are everywhere - and judging from their friendliness, it seems that they are treated well. Here are a few pictures of what the cats and seagulls have been doing in Istanbul:

Here is the morning commute in Istanbul. The daily traffic situation has forced this kitty to look for alternatives to cars. 

But the commute of seagulls is slightly better. The Asian side of Istanbul is in the background.

I appreciated the cat reading culture in Istanbul. Plus, this kitten also reminded me of Billy the Kit.

But some cats are also behind bars. I hope these are good feline-correctional facilities!

Here is a seagull inspecting the Istanbul evening scene. The Golden Horn is in the background. 

 And some seagulls are checking out the evening storm clouds near the island of Buyukada in the Sea of Marmara. You will have to squint a bit to see the seagulls. 

 But then cats and seagulls also hangout together. Here is an evening dinner get-together at the island of Buyukada

But then may be Buyukada is an island from a David Lynch or a David Cronenberg film...

Actually the island is very nice. Apparently it is completely mobbed during the summer as it is only a short boat-ride away from Istanbul. But it wasn't that bad in May.


Anonymous said...

We badly need such toilets on footpaths in Karachi. You know what I mean.

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