Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Muslim Obama and Creationism amongst Republicans

by Salman Hameed

A new poll is out that shows that an overwhelming number of Republican voters in Alabama and Mississippi believe that Obama is a Muslim. How overwhelming is this craziness?

The results of the new survey by Public Policy Polling reveal a lot of interesting things, but the question about Obama's religion is probably the most shocking.
In Alabama, 45 percent of Republicans said they thought Obama is a Muslim and 41 percent said they were not sure. Fifty-two percent of Republicans in Mississippi said they though Obama practiced Islam, while 36 percent said they weren't sure.
Now, the pollsters also asked a question about acceptance of evolution. So why would one ask a question about evolution when dealing with politics? Well...because we often find a correlation amongst Evangelical and Republican voters. This may point to the fact it is not necessarily about science - but rather about identity politics, i.e. there are a group of ideas that define a group (denial of global warming is also correlated with this). So what do we find about evolution:
Twenty-six percent of survey-takers in Alabama said they believe in evolution, 60 percent said they did not and 13 percent said they weren't sure. In Mississippi, 66 percent of those polled said they do not believe in evolution, 22 percent said they do, and 11 percent said they are not sure.
Okay - so that is more about science and politics. More entertaining (or you can call it more depressing) is the fact that 21% registered Republican voters believed that inter-racial marriages should be illegal.What? Yes, this is not a time warp.We are still living in the 21st century - despite these 21% of Alabaman Republicans.

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Shocked said...

Honestly speaking, when they say "developed countries" I thought they will be "developed" in all ways. But surprisingly, they are not.

It is not only in America that you find these sorts of "ill-fitting" results. I saw an article about smilar stats about the Brits. I cant remember where and what exactly the whole thing was about. But I do remember seeing a good number of Brits not knowing what all comprises the United Kingdom; not knowing whether the Queen "rules" the Brits or whether she "rules" the world, etc,etc.

If these surveys were conducted in an Afican country, for example, I don't think the results will be too different.

If you can hurl rockets into space, you are developed. What crap 99 per cent of your population believes is irrelevant. No?

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