Friday, August 05, 2011

Moving done, internet restored

The blog is still alive. It is just that I was in the middle of a move (from Northampton to Amherst - all in Massachusetts) and there was no internet for couple of days (oh the horror - the horror!!). Now it seems that the sun is again rising from the east again. The birds are singing. The universe is now expanding as usual.

Pent up posts coming up.


Basmah Riaz said...

This was interesting:

Don't know how authentic the Abu Dhabi Gallup is..

Akbar said...

In fact it slowed down the increase of entropy and turned the balance of the Universe towards an unpredictable direction. This will have far reaching consequences for human race in specific and the universe in general. The inevitable has happened.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr Hameed,

I just recently found your Site and I really enjoy it!

Keep up the good work,
greetings from Germany!


Akbar said...

The universe is expanding but the stock markets collapsed in last couple of days, did you notice that?

Salman Hameed said...

Yes, Akbar, who knows where the universe is headed now... :)

Basmah - thanks for the link. I think Abu Dhabi Gallup is probably associated with regular Gallup and should be okay. The results are indeed interesting, and may be related to two factors: Higher education levels and the fact that Jews have themselves faced (and still face) anti-semiticism in the US and abroad and can possibly relate to the prejudice faced by Muslims.

Burak - thanks for the checking the blog from Germany!.

Ali said...

This is not related to this post. But a comment you made prompted me to ask this question. :)
Does science tell us that the universe is a closed entity?
Or is this something yet to be proven?
Will appreciate if you could shed some light on this.
Kind regards,

Salman Hameed said...

"Does science tell us that the universe is a closed entity?
Or is this something yet to be proven? "

Ali - Sorry for the delay in response. I actually don't know what you mean by "closed entity". Are you asking whether it is finite or infinite, or that is there something outside of it?

Ali said...

Hi Salman,

Many thanks for your response.

No I am not asking whether there is anything outside the universe.
Nor am I asking whether the universe is finite or infinite. If we believe in the Big Bang Theory, the universe HAS TO BE finite. No?

What I am asking is whther science knows whether the universe is like a huge sphere for example? I am not talking of the shape but the volume (if thats the correct word). This brings me to another question.
Can the universe be open and finite?
Do we think there is a boundary of the universe? If so, we are saying that the universe is a closed entity.

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