Sunday, July 31, 2011

On "The Bill Newman Show" Monday morning

I haven't had a chance to post comments on latest Terrence Malick film, The Tree of Life, but I really liked it and will still have a post on it later. In the mean time, I have a chance to talk about this film and about astronomy with Reverend Peter Ives of First Churches of Northampton tomorrow (Aug 1st) morning on The Bill Newman show  at 9:30am (eastern time) on Northampton's WHMP AM1400/1250 or FM 96.9 (If you can't find the live streaming, you can access the podcast later). 

In the mean time, here is a podcast from the show from last month when we talked about Pluto, astronomy, and NASA's future (it starts about 10 minutes into the podcast). 

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Kaushik said...

Nothing to do with the present post but I think this is great: "Ann Widdecombe and Stephen Fry lock horns over the motion 'The Catholic Church is a force for good in the world'".