Thursday, May 19, 2011

The predictable cycle of Harun Yahya news...

by Salman Hameed

Hold the presses. Media's favorite creationist, Harun Yahya, is touring Europe. He is currently in France and then he will be in Holland. Like usual, he has nothing new or useful to say. He is still peddling his pseudoscientific Atlas of Creation and preparing for the end-of-days (I'm still waiting for him to proclaim himself the Mahdi. Oh - he has come so close...).

All of this aside, we will possibly see a predictable round of Yahya cycle in his European tour: 1) He is going to declare victory over Darwinism 2) Modestly claim that is a genius 3) Provoke French and Dutch secular society 4) The French and Dutch secular societies will get provoked 4) Some of the media coverage will generalize his views and declare them to be a representational position of most Muslims 5) Since most of his ideas are idiotic, some will use this to stoke the fears of an Islamic takeover of Europe and the dawning of a dark-age 6) This controversy - which will be great for Yahya - will last for a couple of weeks 7) Yahya will claim slaying atheism in Europe and declare victory over Darwinism, 8) Modestly declare himself a genius 9) Will start looking for ways to create a new controversy so he can stay in the news 10) Yahya will plan another trip to Europe 11) Repeat the cycle again.


Dr. M. Akbar Hussain said...

Adnan Oktar's logics and reasoning for theism are as good (or as bad) as Richard's Dawkins' reasoning for atheism..both are nothing based on nothing. But at least Oktar tries to bring forward an argument based on evidences and inferences, unlike Stephen Hawking or Sagan's weirdest views about possibility of alien civilizations 'out there' through a stream of fancy childish speculations and fantasies. (I still don't understand what these views are based upon)

Don said...

Well put, Salman. This is the sort of thing that needs to make the rounds in the media, and then we can all get on with ignoring Yahya and the BAV.

Salman Hameed said...

Don - but if the media doesn't focus on the crazies, how will they get people's attention. Case in point: The whole May 21st Rapture phenomenon or the Florida pastor who wanted to burn the Qur'an, etc etc. The tendency to focus on the lowest common denominator is detrimental in the age of information glut.

Akbar said...

Media is business. They will only propagate what people like to view. Even the very few science channels only show repeated boring programs.
By the way Salman, your blog is where I first read about Harun Yahya, and repeatedly, so much so, that I ended up purchasing his Evolution Deceit, and found it very interesting, somewhat convincing. Your blog is where I first came to know about Richard Dawkins, and later searched the internet to discover his crazy ideas on God and atheism, though he is equally convincing too.

Dr Jamshed Moidu said... why this guy Salman is so much bothered about evolution theory after all he is just an Astronomer ? Previously Salaman has written against yahya for not having graduation in biological science and writing books refuting Darwinism

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