Tuesday, November 09, 2010

More schools bombed in northern Pakistan

The irony of the name Taliban (literally meaning "student") continues as more schools are bombed in northern Pakistan. At least, there were no casualties and no acid was thrown on the faces of young female students. From today's Dawn:

PESHAWAR: Militants bombed three primary schools in the Mohmand tribal region on Tuesday, DawnNews reported.
The schools were targeted in Mohmand’s Safi tehsil’s Qandaro area.
No casualties were reported in the attacks. However, the school buildings were completely destroyed.
Sixty-five schools have been destroyed in the Mohmand tribal region since 2007.
Also see, Taliban, Education, and diary of a 7th grade schoolgirl from Swat.


Don said...

Schools and Mosques... it's hard to understand.

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