Saturday, May 01, 2010

Hey Radical Clerics - Why target soccer?

It seems that some radical clerics are clamping down on the public broadcast of soccer and films in a Kenyan town, Mandera, on the border with Somalia. Now - I know that these clerics want youth's undivided attention - and they find it hard to compete with soccer. Time to time we hear clerics in Pakistan come out against cricket too. They should realize that it's better to align with the youth on the topic - especially if the national team ends up performing well in a world cup. So, I'm no PR expert - but I would advise these Kenyan clerics to live with a distracted youth during the upcoming World Cup. Really - they don't have a choice and the action of confiscating satellite dishes may simply bring to attention their obvious intolerant bigotry.

Hey clerics - better ride this wave with the head low.

Here is the Reuters article:
ISIOLO, Kenya, April 30 (Reuters) - Kenya has deployed security agents to its border with Somalia after Islamic clerics announced they had clamped down on the public broadcast of soccer and films, a security official said.

Clerics in the frontier town of Mandera said on Monday they had confiscated a number of satellite TV dishes in a football-obsessed nation ahead of the World Cup because public film dens were corrupting youths.

"Two groups, an undercover team from National Security Intelligence Service and (an) anti-terrorist unit, arrived here on Tuesday night to investigate," a senior local security source who did not wish to be named told Reuters late on Thursday.

The security officer also said another team had been dispatched to Dadaab refugee camp which is home to some 270,000 mostly Somali refugees in the mostly Muslim region.


Don said...

And soccer's getting bigger in Kenya all the time. They've even got a player on Inter Milan, now! It's unstoppable!

Atif Khan said...

That's good to read how sports is making people get rid of weird ideologies.

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