Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Beliefs of a Plastic Bag

Here is a fantastic short film (about 16min) by Ramin Bahrani. It is narrated by Werner Herzog - and, as expected, he does it in a hauntingly beautiful way (I would find even stock numbers riveting, if Herzog was reading them). I have seen only one film by Bahrani: Goodbye Solo - and I really liked it (Skip this one if you are looking for action. But rent it if you like dramas that are subtle in their exploration of ordinary lives). Ebert, by the way, calls Bahrani the new great American director and placed his movie, Chop Shop, amongst the best movies of the past decade. Not bad!

Okay, lets turn to this short film, Plastic Bag. To set the stage, here is a short blurb that I liked from Killing the Buddha:
For those in search of eternal life, this short film by American director Ramin Bahrani, and enticingly narrated by Werner Herzog, will make you pause. For those on a fruitless quest to find your Maker, you will find solace. For those who believe in the Vortex, all will be revealed. For those about to do a little Sunday afternoon grocery shopping, maybe you should think about cloth.
Do watch the whole thing - the story takes many twists and turns. Here it is:


emre said...

Very clever.

Commerce is our goal here at Plastic Bag Corp, more human than human is our motto. Our bags don't last just four years.

Sabio Lantz said...

Long !
For such a simple concept, way too long.
No interesting ideas presented.
Music was monotonous.
5 thumbs down

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