Monday, November 09, 2009

Off-topic: Fashion week in Karachi - an apt answer to the Taliban is one way to respond to the Taliban idiocy in Pakistan: host a fashion week. It was held in Karachi last week and, perhaps as expected, got some good worldwide coverage. Here is an article from The Independent, Pakistan fashion week begins under the shadow of Taliban and you can see more pictures here and here. And of course, it is the Miami Herald that had to take the headlines just a bit too far: Dresses, not suicide vests, parade at Pakistan's Fashion Week.

Very cool. At the same time there are some interesting musical experimentations going on in Pakistan. Here are two videos that recently caught my attention. The first one is by Overload. It is a psychedelic-inspired video and the women that sings in the first half is imitating the singing style of the 60s. But I like the drums-dhol combo in the second half.

Here is Chal Bulleya from the highly acclaimed Mekaal Hasan Band. A fantastic use of classical singing, guitar, and flute. (update: 11/10 - Or for a more direct sample of their music, you may want to check out their 1o minute live version of Ya Ali)


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