Friday, October 09, 2009

Religion in "The Invention of Lying"

A few of us went to see The Invention of Lying yesterday. Since our expectations were quite modest to begin with, the movie turned out to be reasonable (not great - but quite enjoyable). However, it also has a hilarious commentary on religion. It is in all in good faith (ha!), but unlike many Hollywood films, it does not back down from its premise. In fact, it does an adequate job of showing why we have the urge to believe - at the same time bringing up age-old theological problems associated with a belief in an all-powerful Deity and the existence of evil.

The movie is decent, but we are not really talking about Bergman, Tarkovsky or Kubrick here. If you are looking for some light entertainment, this is perfect. Plus, soon we'll have to go and see Cormac McCarthy's The Road (can't believe they switched the release date from October 9th to November 25th!) and Coen Brother's A Serious Man.


Don said...

Maybe someday soon the Amherst Cinema/Pleasant Street will let the valley know WHEN we'll be able to see A Serious Man. What a day that will be!

Unknown said...

Can you please provide me with your email ID?

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