Saturday, September 26, 2009

Singing Sagan

Ah-hmmm... Okay. And as if this wasn't enough, Stephen Hawking also makes an appearance. Enjoy, I guess? (tip pharyngula)


Don said...

This has convinced me that someone should just record an auto-tuned track to all of "Cosmos".

Matthew said...

One of the more interesting (not lazy and lame) uses of AutoTune I've heard.

It's pretty awesome, actually. I downloaded the track and I've listened to it several times. It works as music, it's not just a novelty song.

Although the "whoop! paw!" loop is pretty funny. :)

I hope Sagan would find this both amusing and flattering -- I think it's clever. And sort of poignant, too.

I miss Carl Sagan.

Atif Khan said...

I miss Carl Sagan too...