Monday, October 20, 2008

Documentary about Abdus Salam

There is a fantastic effort underway to make a documentary about Abdus Salam. He won the 1979 Nobel prize in physics (along with Sheldon Glashow and Steven Weinberg) for his work on the unification of electromagnetic and weak forces. Coming out of rural Pakistan, his life story is phenomenal (read his Nobel biography here). I attended one of his talks in the late 1980s in Karachi and I still remember the excitement of talking with him for a few minutes after his lecture. It is truly wonderful that an excellent team of people is in charge of making his documentary. The director, Sabiha Sumar, has already made her mark with fiction and non-fiction films. I saw her film "Khamosh Pani" (Silent Waters) couple of years ago and it is very good and was well received by the critics - heck even the Village Voice liked it. One of the executive producers for the Salam documentary is Zakir Thaver. I've interacted with him for another project and I can safely say that he has the requisite energy to see this ambitious project through to the finish.

Check out information about the film here. However, please also consider making a donation for the project - however small or large. The target for the filmmakers is $500,000 - a modest budget for such an ambitious undertaking. Good luck to the filmmakers and I'm looking forward to the documentary.


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