Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Off-topic: More student protests in Pakistan

There were protests at few more universities today. In Islamabad, Quaid-Azam University (QAU) students staged a rally (from The Emergency Times):
Yesterday the students of Quaid-e-Azam University in tandem with faculty mainly from the natural sciences department staged a protest in thier campus roughly 400 people strong. Intelligence agency officials were reported to have been present aswell.

Today a similar protest was staged in a larger number and another successful rally was staged with morales running high. After the protest was officially over the police once again showed up but thankfully no untoward incidences occurred.
There were protests also at Hamdard University, Islamabad:
Recent reports have been confirmed that this afternoon a gathering outside Hamdard university comprising of students, lawyers and journalists managed to stage a vociferous protest within the premises of the nearby district court. Decrying the martial law and shouting slogans for Musharrafs immediate resignation they rallied together for a considerable period until the police showed up. Thereafter they resisted police baton charging succesfully and managed to retain their stronghold of the district court and remained there effectively making their point. They dispersed before any more serious action could be taken but some lawyers are reported to have been arrested form the premises.
And in Lahore, apart from the LUMS rally, there was protest staged at National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (NUCES) a.k.a. The Foundation for Advancement of Science and Technology (FAST). After the cops arrived, here is how the events unfolded (this is how it was updated on MetrobloggingLahore):
14:23hrs: Police at FAST-Lahore
14:45hrs: One protesting student arrested by Police.
14:52hrs: Gates closed, seems like students are being dispersed.
14:59hrs: Police raided inside the Campus. 3 Arrested.
15.04hrs: Campus surrounded well. No one can come in or go out!
15:19hrs: Devestated by the situation. Students are trying to reach GEO and ARY news channels.
15:29hrs: Photos are being taken by the students 'emselves. GEO and ARY teams are approaching soon.
15:49hrs: Student arrested. One name revealed as: "Zaki". Reported as beaten by the Police.
15:53hrs: Police released 3 students arrested earlier. Faculty members and former University Directors are out there with the studnets.
16:17hrs: Female Students are allowed to go. Abdallah Zaki remained in custody for some time.
16:19hrs: Cops allowing Female students to leave. Liaqat Majeed Sheikh (LMS), current permanent faculty of FAST and former faculty member of Pak-AIMS has burst with harsh tone, protesting against Musharraf's policies and unsolicited steps.
16:26hrs: Policemen gone. Students were addressed by faculty.
16:44hrs: Peaceful protest ended, peacefully. Patience of Faculty Members, Students and Police Management (as they haven't been seen 'that' brutal and released the students) is commendable. Some more updates by the students.
16:45hrs: "Do not participate in the protest! we will not delay exams-- mids or finals and will not give any holidays so concentrate on ur studies!" - Campus Admin urged responsibly.
17:06hrs: Protest Plan of Friday will be announced later. There were at least FIVE faculty members including Senior Professors were taking part. Arrested guy was not among protestors! (See details).
Hopefully, more protests to follow.


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